MOSSL will not have a normal scheduling meeting this spring due to Covid19.  All scheduling will be done online

  • Prescheduling may begin once divisions have been set at the MOSSL AGM on Jan 30th. 
  • Match ups will be posted to team pages.  Home and Away will be listed but teams are not required to play at the home team location.  Teams can choose either location or a mutual site.  If teams can not agree on a location, a mutual site will be chosen for them by the MOSSL office.  
  • All teams wishing to play at Spindler Park or Kilbourne Run must fill out a field request form.  All other field requests must go through the appropriate field coordinator for that location.    FIELD REQUEST FORM
  • Once scheduling is open online teams may log into their team page and update the game schedule.  No other forms will need to be filled out.  INSTRUCTIONS TO LOGIN

If there are any game scheduling conflicts that cannot be resolved between teams a MOSSL representative will mediate and make the final decision.