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This is for Club Administrators who manage their teams in Demopshere.  Team Administrators or Managers do not need to sign up for these updates.  Team Admins or Managers receive updates once they are added to the roster.  To make sure you are added to the roster please contact your Club Admin. 




How to Sync Club Teams to State-Affiliates Leagues


You do not need to schedule an appointment.  Due to covid we are laminating everything in the office for you.  Simply email

All teams must be synced to the state system under MOSSL for us to review and card.  This is also necessary for scheduling. 

VIDEO: How To Sync

Once teams are synced to the system you will log into the Ohio South System. 

 In the dashboard you will see the Roster Pro Club Registrations and a Club Management tab.   Here you will click on the Club Name in blue. 

Then you will choose Season Teams Tab.  As you can see below if you look in the status column it will show what the status is for carding.  I have already started looking over teams and marked under review for the ones I have taken a look at.  I am in the process of marking Issues Requiring Attention for teams that need a photo for birth certificate corrected.  Currently I can edit problems with the birth certificate, but I cannot edit photos.  We hope to have that fixed soon to save you time. 


If you click on the team name in blue this will show you the team roster and the status of the roster, coaches and players.   Here is where you will communicate with the league when you have updated info that needed attention or when you want to request cards be printed. 

To change the status once a problem has been corrected. Click on the blue pencil button for that player.


You will see the following screen where you can change it to pending.  This will let the League know it has been updated and needs reviewed again. 


Each time a you make updates that need approval you also need to change the status of the roster.  To do this click on the edit team setting at the top.

In the pop up box you want to click on the drop down and choose approval requested.   

This will help us sort out what teams have been updated and need attention. 

Once all players and coaches show approved and no longer are highlighted red you can schedule an appointment to pick up cards.    If everything is approved, we will have all paperwork and cards ready for you when you arrive.  This includes laminted cards, 2 copies of teams stamped roster, & black and copies of the player cards.  



If you are a CLUB in MOSSL and DO NOT HAVE A DEMOSPHERE WEB/SYSTEM and/or a LINK SETUP for PARENTS/COACHES- Contact OHIO SOUTH- Joe Gould at Immediately to get set up for your club team.

For step-by-step introduction on how to use the Demosphere system, please click the link below:

Please Note: MOSSL cannot help add anyone to the club accounts nor can we see the club account. Please contact your club administrator if you have questions.

***Parents/Players and Coaches are now responsible for entering their information- Teams/Clubs cannot do it for them as there are electronic signatures built into the online forms. The Club must setup the link on their own website for Parent/Players and Coaches to access the Stack system to enter this information. The Clubs have all received several emails from Ohio South regarding this setup.

***Players can be carded to only one USYSA/OSYSA team per seasonal year.


Finding Verification Status, Updating Org Info and more // Demosphere


OSYSA General League/Club Admin User Guide




How to view and edit Photo or Birth Certificates

Tips to upload a photo

IMPORTANT- Your child's photo must resemble the one below. It should be similar to a drivers license photo.

 Pictures have to be a CLEAR AND VISIBLE, COLOR HEADSHOT ONLY. Do not include things in the photo such as animals, other people, or objects. Players must be fully clothed (No shirtless pictures). Faces should be free of masks, sunglasses or hats as well.

Club Admin Birth Certificate Access - Club admins now have the ability to upload and edit birth certificates for a player. 

Club Admin Photo Access - Club admins can upload and edit player photos in household management. 

To access this info you must have admin privalages on your Clubs Demosphere account.  To edit go to that players household.  Click on the pencil next to their name.