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Transfer Procedures

Transfer paperwork still needs to be completed as normal. Player card and paperwork needs returned to the MOSSL office before a transfer can be completed. It does not need to be sent to Ohio South reguardless of what the form says.

The steps below include inter-club transfers (between two clubs) , intra-club transfers(transfers with in your club) , and any trap teams that need split. Also, any teams that need to be disbanded.


Steps to transfer players out

1. Complete transfer paperwork, collect the player card and give it to the parent to take to the new team/club.

2. Remove the player from your team.

3. Once the player transfer is complete the club admin can print off a new roster.


Steps to transfer a player in

1. The player will register for the team in the clubs demopshere account using the same user name and password so that their info will sync.  

2. Parents will need to provide the signed transfer form and collect the player card from their previous team. This needs given to the new team/club. The new team/club will complete the rest of the form. Player number and Team number are no longer required.  Please leave that blank. 

4. Schedule an appointment to pick up your roster and player card. Bring the transfer form and card with you. If you do not have this we can not release the new roster and player card.