Scheduling Coming Soon

  • Match ups have been predetermined and posted to team pages.  At this time scheduling may begin.  All game schedules will be updated through your team page.  You must schedule games with your predetermined match ups.  Once you have completed your online schedule if you would like to schedule any additional games please contact me by email.  
  • Your team page can be found in two places on our website.  You will find it in the team page tab or in scheduling tab at the bottom of the page.  This is a direct link
  • To access your team page find your division and click on your team name. 
  • You will need a pin number to log in.  The PIN was emailed to you at the time of Declaration.  If you do not remember your pin click on Login in the right corner of your team page, then click the link at the bottom to retrieve your pin.  INSTRUCTIONS TO LOGIN
  • Only rostered coaches and managers currently have access to edit team pages.  If you need to add someone who isn't listed on your roster please contact me by email  Please list the team name, contact first and last name, phone and email. 
  • Schedules are listed and can be edited at the bottom of your team page.  Teams may only edit their home schedule.  Please be sure to know which games are listed as home as it will be your responsibility to update these regardless of where the game is being played.  
  • Home and Away will be listed, but teams are not required to play at the home team location.  Teams can choose either location or a mutual site.  If teams cannot agree on a location, a mutual site will be chosen for them by the MOSSL office.  
  • Field Coordinators are now able to schedule game times at their discretion.  We are asking coordinators and clubs/teams to work together to stack games at your field locations.  This is to help with the shortage of referees all leagues are experiencing at this time. 
  • All teams wishing to play at Spindler Park or Kilbourne Run must fill out a field request form.  Please allow 3 days for these field request to be processed.  All approved field requests will be added directly to your schedule.  I am currently working on these, so availablity isn't online yet.  You may still submit the form.  If a field request can not be processed you will be notified by email and given options for alternate dates and times.  The form can be found on website in scheduling tab.  This is a direct link  FIELD REQUEST FORM
  • All other field requests must go through the appropriate field coordinator for that location.  It will be assumed that when you edit your schedule that you have got permission to use that field.  If your field isn't listed on the dropdown menu please contact me by email  
  • All game schedules need to be submitted by TBD

If there are any game scheduling conflicts that cannot be resolved between teams a MOSSL representative will mediate and make the final decision.

Game Schedule Request

Game Changes can be edited in team pages until July 31st.  After that the games are released to referees all game changes must be approved by our office before being processed.  A game change request form will need to be submitted.  This can be found on the website in the Game Change tab.